Drive the Dark Away!

I am organizing a masked procession to "drive the dark away" through downtown Eugene just after the new year. It is based on a folk tradition from the Alps called the Perchtenlauf. By embodying the terrifying and dangerous spirits of the long, dark winter nights and making a wild ruckus, we ensure good luck in the year to come. This is a powerful, primal experience!

Event will take place on the evening of Saturday, January 4, with optional meet-ups in November and December to plan, get to know each other, craft masks and props, and coordinate drumming and chants. Participation is free.

Looking for anyone interested in participating – no experience or knowledge necessary! Help will be available in making masks and costumes. Visit this website for more information: and email me if you are interested. I'm just at the stage of collecting contact info for everyone and then I'll be sending out updates as things progress. Hope you can join us!


Does anyone know of any places in Eugene that carry dried lavender? I want to make a ton of little sachets, so I guess I'm looking for bulk options. Already called Ben Franklin crafts, and Mountain Rose Herbs hasn't picked up their phone all day or returned my message. Thanks!

Local Music

Hi Eugene Community, do you have any favorite local musicians or bands that might be ideal for a September wedding at a vineyard? Something that could be nice to greet people as they arrive, or else something that could get people in a good mood and dancing later in the evening. I like blues, classical guitar, world music, funk, rock (but I'm not sure how wedding guests would feel about that). My fiance really likes the Cherry Poppin Daddies, but I told him they might be a smidgeon out of our price range :) Thanks!


A friend of mine is having some very worrisome new cognitive symptoms on top of long-time problems with spine and nervous system. Can anyone recommend a neurologist with expertise in complex, multisymptom diagnoses? Help please!

Can you do it again?

When I first moved to Eugene 3-1/2 years ago, this group steered me toward an absolutely wonderful primary care physician.

Unfortunately, due to personal circumstances, she has had to move away from the area, and my spouse and I don't have anybody else lined up. (I saw a nurse practitioner in the same practice, but she was judgmental and opiophobic - both of us have chronic pain issues - and clearly not a good fit for us.)

So: Middle-aged couple from an alt-sex background (bi, kinky, poly et al), both with chronic pain problems and some other health issues, insured, well educated and accustomed to taking a participatory role in our own health care, looking for a primary care physician (most likely an internist or family practice doc) in the greater Eugene area. Must be nonjudgmental, queer-friendly and sex-positive, and accustomed to treating patients as intelligent adults.

Any suggestions? Please?


Smooth Paths

Can anyone suggest super-smooth bike paths (ideal for roller blading or longboarding) in Eugene? I like the one behind VRC and the Fern Ridge Trail out on West 11th, but I could use a change of scenery.

Or, what is there outside of Eugene but within a reasonable drive? For example, is there a nice smooth path around Fern Ridge Reservoir or Dorena Lake? Thanks!


Hello! I've been following this community page for several years now but it looks like it's just about dead now. As such I'm going to delete my links and as this is the only LiveJournal page I follow I'll delete my account as well. Before I did so I wanted to suggest an alternative Eugene community site that's much more active. has 1,279 members, several posts a week (VS one a month) an active commenting community and monthly meet-ups if that's your bag. So long and thanks for all the fish!
accent shadow


hey eugene,

i'm going to be visiting eugene for a few days and i want to get my hair cut while i'm visiting. my window of free time is actually fairly thin, so i'm hoping to get it done on monday. i prefer a stylist as opposed to a barber because while my hair is pretty simple to manage i can be fairly picky about it, so i don't mind paying $30-40 for a cut.

can anyone give me recommendations for a place i can either walk into or call today to set up an appointment?