Stuff. (jopperman) wrote in eugenecommunity,

Trying to catch a bad guy!

I got ripped off and I could use someone's help.

I am looking for Jonathan W. Maas. He wrote me a bad check for a camera I sold him and now he's canceled his telephone number and tried to remove his existence from the internet.

Here are some things I know about him:
He is a Eugene resident and is 31 years old. He was running a photography "business" with his girlfriend Abigail J. Blakely, a Springfield resident. They had an ad on craigslist that listed their business as 'Celestial Celebrations' and advertised that they would shoot weddings, proms, senior portraits, etc.

He recently cancelled his cell phone number with Cricket Wireless. It was 541 606 1616. His email is

I have begun the necessary steps with the Check Enforcement Program with the DA's office, but should they fail me I would like to have the necessary information to bring Jonathan to small claims court. So if you know Jonathan or have ever conducted business with him or his girlfriend, could you please let me know and help me out. Honestly, I just want my camera back at this point.

EDIT: Oh, here are some pictures they have been taking with my camera:
Oh myspace.


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