essaying (essaying) wrote in eugenecommunity,

Can you do it again?

When I first moved to Eugene 3-1/2 years ago, this group steered me toward an absolutely wonderful primary care physician.

Unfortunately, due to personal circumstances, she has had to move away from the area, and my spouse and I don't have anybody else lined up. (I saw a nurse practitioner in the same practice, but she was judgmental and opiophobic - both of us have chronic pain issues - and clearly not a good fit for us.)

So: Middle-aged couple from an alt-sex background (bi, kinky, poly et al), both with chronic pain problems and some other health issues, insured, well educated and accustomed to taking a participatory role in our own health care, looking for a primary care physician (most likely an internist or family practice doc) in the greater Eugene area. Must be nonjudgmental, queer-friendly and sex-positive, and accustomed to treating patients as intelligent adults.

Any suggestions? Please?


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