Dver (erl_queen) wrote in eugenecommunity,

Drive the Dark Away!

I am organizing a masked procession to "drive the dark away" through downtown Eugene just after the new year. It is based on a folk tradition from the Alps called the Perchtenlauf. By embodying the terrifying and dangerous spirits of the long, dark winter nights and making a wild ruckus, we ensure good luck in the year to come. This is a powerful, primal experience!

Event will take place on the evening of Saturday, January 4, with optional meet-ups in November and December to plan, get to know each other, craft masks and props, and coordinate drumming and chants. Participation is free.

Looking for anyone interested in participating – no experience or knowledge necessary! Help will be available in making masks and costumes. Visit this website for more information: http://drivethedarkaway.wordpress.com and email me if you are interested. I'm just at the stage of collecting contact info for everyone and then I'll be sending out updates as things progress. Hope you can join us!

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